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About ME

Meet me, Nadirah!

I’ve come to UX design after living in Japan for 10 years with a mechanical engineering background.

My journey to improve my design skills 🗺️

I had an interest in good designs since I was 10 years old, as I observed the impact that it had on people’s lives and even on mine. Instead of starting my journey as a designer, I decided to study engineering in Japan in order to learn and develop design skills so that I am able to make impactful designs in the future.

My career turning point 💡

As I started my career as a mechanical engineer, I realized that my job was focused more on designing machines to improve their performance than solving problems for end users. I wanted to understand more about people’s problems and needs. From there, I decided to change my career as a product designer to develop human-centered products to solve real problems.

Connection between UX design and mechanical engineering that I found out 🧐

Here are some of the design stages in both UX and mechanical engineering that I observed through my experience!

Relation between ME and UX.png

Skills that I bring to the table 💪

From my previous career, I gained strong analytical skills and problem-solving skills that balanced business needs and user needs. I developed a respect for the variety of cultures and languages, since I lived in Japan for an extended period of time. From my experience, I learned that diversity can lead to creative solutions and effective collaboration.

I’m bringing these skills into my UX design career as well, as they are essential in the design process.

My hobbies 😎 

Outside of work, I like jogging 👟 and playing badminton 🏸, as well as enjoying mountain views ⛰️ during hiking 🥾 and snowboarding 🏂.

My design tools 🧰

Adobe XD
Adobe Illustrator
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